Online Sugaring Certification

Our next online class starts February 29, 2024! Pre-register today and save your spot.

An 8-10 Week Sugaring Certification Course Designed for Professionals

Our course is specifically designed for esthetic professionals who understand the inherent value of a true mentorship. Study under an industry leader and Master Sugarist who will walk alongside you, filling your toolbox with the necessary skills, grow & thrive through the years. Genuinely care for others and strive to provide kind, comfortable hair removal. From how we relate and care for others to the effects our industry has on the planet, true change begins within each of us. These teachings are the vehicle to generate those far reaching ripple effects, as a community, our Be Kind Community. If these concepts give you goosebumps, bring a smile to your face or generate excitement within you, YOU are destined to join this league of like-minded practitioners.

Our next online classes start February 29, 2024! Register today to save your spot.

  • 100% Online Format
  • Live Zoom Classes
  • Recorded Video Lessons
  • Required Student Video Submissions
What the course covers:
  • Why Sugaring?
  • Can Anyone Be Sugared?
  • A Prepared Sweet: Yourself, Your Equipment, the Room, the Client, the Skin
  • Hair Growth and How it Works
  • Skin Prep and Application
  • Male Clients
  • Post Care
  • Average Sugaring Times
  • Professional and Therapeutic Technique and Etiquette
  • Home Care Product – Rx Varies Based on Client  
  • 1st Visit vs 2nd: What’s Different?
  • Time Manage Like a Genius

This course is for you if:

You are not getting all of your clients’ hair removed with your current method

You want to reduce your clients’ hair growth

You want to say goodby to ingrown hairs

Your clients have early hair re-growth within a couple of weeks

You want to learn to expedite your services while providing high-quality, nuturing work and developing lasting trust with your clients

What You Should Expect

The Sweet 185 Sugaring Training Method™ consists of purposefully intense coursework designed to address all vital areas of your practice. Once Certified, we use this established, solid foundation to continue to hone and refine skills thru annual re-certificiation and continuing ed. Mastering the art of sugaring takes time. You will need to have patience with yourself but the rewards are explosive. For some students this course replaces and/or adds to previous training. Individual assessments will be conducted on a case-by-case basis. The Sweet 185 course includes guided practicals for every step and every area of the body. We will use live demos and technique critique until you have perfected the art of Sugaring, the Sweet 185 way.

Together, we are on a mission to shift the narrative of hair removal being a “painful” process. We know our clients demand comfort and dignified care. And we insist on providing them with a better option.

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Our next online classes begin February 29, 2024 and will fill up fast. Register for class today and reserve your spot!

Next Class Starts February 29, 2024!








“Working alongside Christina at Sweet 185 for over six years has been an immensely enriching experience that has significantly shaped my career. My time working with her not only enhanced my skill set but also taught me invaluable lessons about professionalism and time management.

Christina’s mentorship and guidance were pivotal in elevating my career. The luxury setting at Sweet 185 provided a unique platform for growth, and Christina’s expertise in spa services and treatments was truly inspiring. Beyond honing my technical skills, I had the privilege of contributing to the design of spa treatments, allowing me to explore my creativity and innovation.

However, the most crucial lesson I gleaned from Christina was the significance of adhering to a strict timeframe and punctuality. This has been instrumental in fostering a respectful environment for both clients and colleagues. The discipline I cultivated in this regard has translated into improved efficiency and a heightened level of professionalism in my work. The skills and insights I acquired during my tenure at Sweet 185, under Christina’s guidance, proved to be the foundation for my subsequent career growth.

Not only did I witness an improvement in my skill set, but also a noticeable increase in my income. I credit Christina and the environment at Sweet 185 for empowering me to excel in my profession, and I am immensely grateful for the impact she has had on my journey. Given the growth I experienced during my time on her team, I would wholeheartedly encourage anyone to train under her.”

-W.H., former Sweet 185 team member

All Required Course Supplies Are Included with Your Tuition

Not All Sugar Is Created Equal

The Sweet 185 provided sugar is a superior product and it’s unmatched quality has an impact on client comfort and overall results.
Once you are a registered student, you will have access to our curated collection of Sugaring essentials and tools. These products are sold exclusively to Sweet 185 students, alumni and our working professionals.

Store Opening Soon!

If you have pre-registered for class you will receive an email when we have opened the Sweet 185 supply store. 

Gain Access to a Community of Sugarists

As a registered student or alumni of the Sweet 185 Online Sugaring Training Method™, you gain lifetime access to our Sugarist Community Forum. This is a peer-to-peer database of common questions, helpful tips and shared interests. Enjoy this family of fellow Sugarists.