Renew Your Sugaring Certification

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Each Renewal Course builds on the last, stemming from the foundation acquired with your Sweet 185 Sugaring Certification. Our Sugaring Certification Renewal Course is a single class and will be offered in the summer/fall of 2024. Please fill out the simple form below to let us know your interest level and preferred class start date. Your information will help us plan and offer what our Sugarist friends need.

Certification Renewal Interest Form

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Gain Access to a Community of Sugarists

As a registered student or alumni of the Sweet 185 Online Sugaring Training Method™, you gain lifetime access to our Sugarist Community Forum. This is a peer-to-peer database of common questions, helpful tips and shared interests. Enjoy this family of fellow Sugarists.

The Forum is overseen by our Master Sugarist to ensure the highest accuracy, quality of content and up to date information.