Sugaring Certification FAQ

Find answers to all the most common questions below. Don’t see what you need here? If you’re a registered student or alumni, check the Sugarists’ Community Forum in your student portal.

How do I register for Certification class?

From almost any page on the site, you can find a link LIKE THIS ONE to our course enrollment page.

You will enroll for the course much like purchasing anything online. Add the course to your cart and checkout which will pay your tuition and supply fee for the course.

From there, we will move you through the online enrollment and get you ready for your first day of class. 

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When will classes begin?

Our next session begins February 29, 2024. The first class will be a live online session and attendance is required. If you miss this class, you will be removed from the course. 

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Do you offer payment plans?

We are working with Affirm to offer an installment option. Contact us for more information.

    What credentials will I have after this course?

    After The Sweet 185 Online Sugaring Certification course, you will receive accreditation and a beautiful certificate from Sweet 185 to post and build your business from that reputable backing. Additionally, your practicing location will be placed on our Sugarist Map Locator found on the Sweet 185 websites.

    Certification with Sweet 185 gains you access to our Sugarist Community Forum. Enjoy 1:1 support with our Master Sugarist and full access to our Sweet support supplies. Coming soon – our affiliate program offering alumni access to renowned, skin-supportive brands we’ve developed a longstanding partnership with. These products are proudly sourced in America & support woman-owned, small batch, efficacious and natural/organic ingredients backed by our Be Kind philosophy.


    Do I have to renew my certification?

    Yes, it is recommended that you renew your certification each year. Check out our Sugaring Certification Renewal Course here. Like all of the beginning building blocks helped achieve quality execution, there are numerous additional attributes to continuously set you above the rest. Once we have that secure base, we’ll further hone skills of efficiency, kindness & multi-layered services. As these grow your income and demand will follow.

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    Is Sweet 185 diverse and inclusive?

    Absolutely! We celebrate and welcome the full spectrum that comprises the community around us. Their background and cultural influences are what makes our Sweet world so beautiful. We educate people without regard to gender, race, religion, orientation or nationality.

    An Ancient Method for Modern Hair Removal

    Find out more about the ancient origins of Sugaring and how we continue to honor the methods developed hundreds of thousands of years ago.

    Dispelling Sugaring Myths

    Have you ever heard Sugaring is more painful than waxing? Our educated response: It’s not about the sugar, rather a lack of perfected techniques. Until now, a thorough education hasn’t been widely available. This is why we are excited to bring The Sweet 185 Sugaring Training Method™ to a larger audience. Together we can change the perception and revolutionize the hair removal experience for people all over the world.